Tips for Hyperactivity

A Good Mix: Variety & Monotony
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A Good Mix: Variety & Monotony

It's true in education, work and study: Find the right mix of varied and monotonous activities and schedule regular breaks.

And this is how it works:

  • Organise your day so that you complete various tasks one after the other
  • Regular breaks should be scheduled between the individual tasks
  • In the case of internal tension, monotonous work is required (such as sorting files) – activity is "shut down"

Good to know: Long periods of sitting are rather inconvenient.

Leisure Activities: Active and Varied
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Leisure Activities: Active and Varied

Redirect your hyperactivity – with suitable leisure activities, you can generate a genuine "flow," a balanced mood and feelings of happiness!

The following examples are suitable:

  • Endurance sports and weight training
  • Creative/ musical hobbies
  • Spend time with people who are good for you

Extra tip: Avoid stress caused by forced, leisure activities.

Recognising the Requirements of Others
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Recognising the Requirements of Others

Take into consideration the needs of your peers. If your partner or family members need peace and relaxation, you should respect that. If in doubt, you can do something else in the meantime. Maybe you will manage to "chill out" together.

Also important: Make arrangements and stick to them.

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Let Go of Negative Perceptions
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Let Go of Negative Perceptions

Are you constantly thinking about the diagnosis of your ADHD and find yourself "lacking?" Is hyperactivity always in the foreground and perceived as a real disorder? Be careful – those who focus only on their supposedly negative sides will develop a very negative self-image over time.

What if you also look for your own strengths? Hyperactive people are also regarded as particularly enthusiastic and open to new ideas.

Maybe it's time for a "mental reboot" in this respect?

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