Help with Impulsiveness:
Mind-Body Check

If you quickly lose patience in conversations and react forcefully or even aggressively, it is important to bring your emotions a little more under control.

In this respect, a so-called "mind-body check" can help.

This is How a "Mind-Body Check" Works

  • Take time for this exercise regularly once a day – just a few moments is enough
  • Ask yourself, "How am I doing right now? How do I feel physically, but also psychologically?"
  • To evaluate and initiate the right actions, you can imagine a "mood traffic light":
  • Green: Everything is in the green zone – keep it up!
    You feel relaxed and well, you are fine. Nothing needs to be changed – keep it up!
  • Yellow: Things are getting critical – caution!
    Your stress levels are seriously high – things could get critical soon. Now you need to take the right measures to feel better again.
  • Red: Red alert state – a loss of control is imminent
    It won't be long before you lose control. An "explosion" is imminent. You should now put your emergency plan into action.

This is How to Act Right Now