ADHD in Adults is Frequently Undiagnosed

For many adults, ADHD was overlooked when they were a child – so they know nothing about the condition nor are they aware of the causes of their problems.

Many sufferers can make no sense of their "abnormalities" and seek out a doctor only when they start to lead to serious problems in everyday life and relationships.

Common trigger points for starting the search for a cause include:

  • Difficulties in the workplace
  • Conflicts with family and in relationships
  • Comorbidities, such as depression or addictions

Undiagnosed ADHD – Often a Long Ordeal

Those affected often have many experiences of failures and frustrations, which frequently play a role in both the past and present.

Those affected cause offence to others – and have no explanation why.

These weaknesses and supposed "character flaws" become increasingly more apparent. Therefore, the positive aspects of the human being are often lost; Creativity, enthusiasm, and openness to new things.

Suspect You Have ADHD? There is Help for You

Do you suspect that you are suffering from ADHD? Then take the next steps with us, which could mark the beginning of a simpler life:

  • Self-Test for ADHD
    The ADHD test from the World Health Organisation provides initial clues to whether symptoms could be a result of ADHD.
    To the self-test
  • Diagnosis from a Doctor
    For a precise diagnosis, visit your family doctor or seek out a psychiatrist/neurologist in your area.
    ADHD: Diagnostic Process

If a diagnosis of ADHD is determined, there are various therapeutic modules available.

Important: There are methods available for precise treatment of ADHD and to make your everyday life easier. Those who have a better grip on ADHD can finally focus on what really counts: their own strengths. Discover the options available to you!