Tips for attention deficit

To Concentrate on Work: Shut Out Distractions
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To Concentrate on Work:
Shut Out Distractions

People who suffer from an attention deficit disorder often have problems focusing on a task for a long time (such as completing a tax return, reading text, learning vocabulary). This is especially the case with familiar or boring tasks. It is all the more important to recognise and shut out distractions.

Some suggestions:

  • Switch the telephone to silent
  • Hang a "Do not disturb" sign on the door
  • Place your desk in front of a wall, not directly in front of a window with a view to the outside
  • Put tea and fruit within reach on your desk so you do not have to get up
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The "Am I still on track?" Check

How long is your attention span if the corresponding disturbance factors are eliminated in advance? How long can you easily concentrate on a task? Let's assume it's six minutes. Then the strategy is as follows: Set a timer for every six minutes (such as on your mobile phone) and ask yourself on each occasion: "Am I still on track?" If yes, then the answer: "Great, let's continue! I'm concentrating for longer than I thought!" If no, then the challenge is this: "OK, now concentrate fully again and back to the planned task." Continue until you have completed the task.

An End to
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An End to "Procrastinitis"

Do you have a tendency to put off important tasks again and again? If you ask yourself the following questions, you might find it easier to start such tasks:

  • What do I have to do?
  • How long do I want to stick with it?
  • When does the task have to be finished?
  • What would be the negative consequences if I fail to meet the deadline?
  • Why is it good that I complete this task?
  • " What will be my reward to myself when I have completed the task?

Last but not least, be your own motivational coach and frequently say to yourself out loud, "I can do it!"

Keys, Mobile Phone, Purse and The Rest: The
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Keys, Mobile Phone, Purse and The Rest: The "Put Everything in the Same Place" Strategy

Do you spend a lot of your time searching for misplaced items such as keys, your purse or mobile phone? Then you should try this strategy: Always keep each item in a special place.

Keys, for example:

  • Keys are put on specially-mounted key hooks
  • Mark each key hook with its purpose (such as flat, basement, bicycle etc.)

Purse, mobile phone, for example:

  • Purses, cell phones, and other frequently used items are stored in a box with individual compartments
  • Glue photos of the objects on the appropriate compartments

Extra Tip

Check once a day (such as in the evening after brushing your teeth) to make sure the items are actually there.