ADHD: Recognising Strengths

Adults with ADHD often have a long ordeal behind them that is often paved with disappointment and frustration. They rub people the wrong way and the ADHD symptoms often cause many problems – in the workplace, in relationships, with friends.

Often their own strengths, which can be very diverse and special, especially in people with ADHD, go unrecognised. Their self-esteem takes a blow and it is difficult to even recognise their own strengths at all.

It is all the more important to perceive oneself in ones entirety and go in search of them: What are my strengths?

Creativity, Honesty, Courage – The Flipside of ADHD

Although every person is of course different and not all people with ADHD are the same, it is clear that especially people with ADHD often have special strengths or can be found in certain occupations.

People with ADHD...

  • …are often lateral thinkers and inventors
  • …are often unconventional, courageous and battle-hardened do-gooders
  • …stick with a viewpoint when they are convinced of its correctness
  • …work very hard on something when they have a passion for it
  • …usually have a very precise perception
  • …are often particularly creative and intuitive
  • …are often writers or artists
  • …are particularly honest (wear their hearts on their sleeves)

Typical Strengths of People with ADHD at a Glance:

  • Creativity
  • Readiness to help
  • Commitment
  • Sensitivity/vulnerability
  • Emotionality
  • Honesty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Spontaneity
  • Charm
  • Inventiveness
  • Imaginativeness

Reinterpreting Weaknesses

The symptoms of ADHD are often perceived as rather negative or burdensome. However, there is actually usually a positive flipside that needs to be discovered.

We have summarised a few examples here:


Attention deficit

Motor hyperactivity

Chronic restlessness




Mood swings

Failure to achieve potential



Willingness to take risks




Quick comprehension


Ability to structure others

One thing's for sure: Many people with ADHD are unclear about the potential that lies dormant in them. To reactivate the strengths, a course of psychotherapy for ADHD can sometimes be useful.